Regroup                   "10 1/2   X   "8 1/2    (approximately) 

​Part post-apocalyptic, part skateboarding yesteryear this collection displays some killer designs.There's a brain in the bottom right hand corner being played like a sax, an ancient skateboard, happy flying things in the middle (left), bullet holes, black and white all over and a scuffed up skull on top. The idea for this came from lots of post-apocalyptic ideas from TV, etc. and incorporating that with black and white graphics that have been collected. Its made proper and ready to hang.


Ratatat              17 1/2" X 11 1/4"

Battle scuffs and scars provided by a few different skaters. I used ten different recycled skateboards for this piece and cut, sanded and assembled it all by hand using clamps, thick screws and wood glue for lifetime strength. I used pieces with graphics that have chrome droplet pin stripes on the legs to represent the $$ made in the movie/merchandising industries. Also added some stars to represent the way things like these become stars all on their own. There's a couple bullet holes up front with some splatter and some cool graffiti(ish)parts spread around to make it all come together. I remember seeing these large robots on the big screen as a kid. Mixing it here with one of my passions(skateboarding)with 22 recycled skateboard pieces total. Mounted to a sturdy piece of 1/2 inch plywood that's been cut, sanded and a natural wood treatment as well as a light acrylic stain has been added to bring out the killer wood grains in the plywood for the background.

Made from recycled skateboard decks that I have collected from local skate shops, these reversible bats have been cut, shaped and hand sanded smooth. A natural orange oil/bees wax wood feeder has been applied then dried and cleaned, leaving no odor. I attached a eyelet with a dab of wood glue and added a strong hemp cord (that can be adjusted as needed) with a loop at the end so you can flip it over and expose whichever side you want while it’s hanging on a sturdy nail/screw on the wall. They can also be hung from the ceiling on a secure hook. I captured random graphics, wheel rubs, scuffs from tricks and truck bolt holes in all of these reversible bats making each one completely unique.

Each bat measures approximately 4 ½-5 x 9 ½-10 inches