Creating new things made from recycled skateboards

​Freedom and individuality were a couple of the rewards for shredding the streets, parking lots and drainage ditches where I grew up. I would also gather whatever wood I could and build launch ramps for us to skate all day and night. After going really fast and blasting off the tip of the ramp, you end up at least 5 or 6 feet off the ground before you land. Landing the wrong way is what caused all of my broken boards which I promptly nailed to my wall with pride. Finding another one was a chore at times but it made me more resourceful. Regrettably all of those decks are long gone now but are replaced by new art (made from recycled skateboard decks)on new walls. In early 2009 I started to cut up broken skate decks trying to design wall art. Fitting together the pieces that I cut out and sanding the edges with a disc sander formerly used for granite, I started to see birds in the shapes that were fitting together. So I began to make bird shaped wall art out of the recycled skateboard pieces. After a few sales on Etsy and some custom orders the shop gained some good positive momentum. Since then I haven't stopped with no plans to ever do so. Adding jewelry and accessories to my inventory including rings, pendants, beaded necklaces, dread beads and bracelets has stoked a whole new fire. The best way to see how I started and where I'm at now with recycled skateboard design, is to look at my ''sales'' section on Etsy as well as my Skatebird pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Regroup                   "10 1/2   X   "8 1/2    (approximately) 

​Part post-apocalyptic, part skateboarding yesteryear this collection displays some killer designs.There's a brain in the bottom right hand corner being played like a sax, an ancient skateboard, happy flying things in the middle (left), bullet holes, black and white all over and a scuffed up skull on top. The idea for this came from lots of post-apocalyptic ideas from TV, etc. and incorporating that with black and white graphics that have been collected. Its made proper and ready to hang.

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